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I just have to vent about this. these people that are accusing the black keys of going the "pop rock route" are really aggravating. if these people knew anything about the black keys, they would know they aren't a fan of blues purists. I can't remember what it was called, but in that one documentary the black keys played an Isaac Hayes song and said "this is everything we've ever wanted to do" or something to that extent. the single "turn blue" sounds almost exactly like Hayes. that is all.


We hear you bb! Thanks for venting. Yep, the clip you’re referring to is from CBS Sunday Morning. They were playing Isaac Hayes’ “Walk On By” and said exactly that. Almost verbatim. And not sure if you had a chance to listen to Patrick’s Serious Boredom show yesterday, but he played a track from Curtis Mayfield called “We People Who Are Darker Than Blue” and said he and Dan listen to Curtis Mayfield a whole lot when they’re in the studio. They are deeply influenced by Soul music, R&B, as well as all their other influences (rockabilly, old rock ‘n roll, blues, bluegrass, and on and on forever.) Dan says he likes Tame Impala and Metronomy. And he’s a DJ. He plays old Soul and R&B 45s. Plus he’s on record saying he categorizes “Brothers” as a Soul record. And isn’t Pat the biggest Devo nerd on earth? Have you seen the playlists from his radio show? They both have wildly eclectic tastes. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to explore those?

Perhaps ‘El Camino’ could be loosely classified as pop/rock, but we’re loving this groovy direction they’re taking. We don’t make the pop/rock connection here at all. “Turn Blue” is trippy R&B or “alt-Soul” or something. It’s incredibly sexy but also dark and haunting [this blogmistress is quite wrenched by it, ngl] That gorgeous bassline, that grooove. It’s visceral and deeply emotional [that was our reaction, anyway].

Bottom line, don’t get too aggravated. Opinions are just that. Opinions. It’s your choice to care about them or not. We choose not to and we’re much happier for it. :)

Thanks again, hope this helped xo


Dan Auerbach on Ultraviolence (BBC Radio Interview)

Dan Auerbach: It's a monster. It's a sonic monster. It's beautiful. I can't wait for people to hear it.

BBC: Is it that sort of similar kind of widescreen cinematic feel to it?

Dan Auerbach: It does, but even more so, you know I think a lot of her first record was just kind of, you know, was in the box, recorded, but this is a 7-piece band with her singing live in the studio so there's some kind of magic, magical moments that we got to capture on tape, and you know, the kind of thing that you just can't duplicate with Pro Tools kind of recording, you know what I mean? It's a different thing for her even though her personality is still definitely there and shines through.